They say that…

3 Aug

Only, few can do it, and only few can sustain such kind of creative blast. And I am one. Sorry if I am being a ass hole who is too self indulgent to see that there are far more intelligent people around, but thats not the case as I know that there are many people who are far more gifted than me, there are many with flawless beauty, impeccable intelligence, but they are not me. I have always maintained that, and this is one thing I am proud of. I never understand that why people have to demean themselves to raise standard of others. Why one have to repeatedly say that he is  not good enough even to live… to say that there are good people around him,when internally he or she doesn’t mean so? I dont feel any need to do so, if I say I am great it doesnt mean that others are not, if I say I am good it doesnt meant others are bad. It only means what I have written.
They say that I am different. I am indeed different, aren’t everyone meant to be so. Even clones can not be same, so how can one expect other to behave in a predetermined manner.
They say too many things which I dont understand.

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