The Kax thing!

4 Aug

It occurred to me months ago, but now its some thing which is being widely accepted among my group of friends. Kax..that is my aka, just like I use kT. But both being different when it comes to usage. kT is the standalone aka, where as Kax is more multi purpose kind of thing.  To understand its range of use, have a look at this…Kaxcellent idea. Mega question of the day can be, why I do this? There are not many reasons behind that, and neither would I love people calling me as Kax, but still I use it. For a very simple reason that it is a part of brand building, and the brand is Kartik. And Orkut where I am using it as profile title, is a nice way of advertising where it gets maximum numbers of eyeballs rolling. This is to test and experiment the methodology behind brand building. Just this morning my dad was talking about it, what I wrote yesterday. Same thing of self praise and brand building. This thing also proves one more thing which I have been saying from long time, that ideas are not personal thing, they are universal thing. They come falling from heaven and one who catches it first gets to say its his.

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