I dont wanna cry again.

12 Aug

I can bring you from death again,
make love, be loved and kill you again.
What is the difference, its just a pain.
I am not happy, but I dont wanna cry again.

Too many times I searched in your eyes,
some sins sometime crossed some lines.
I held few deep breaths to push on your face.
I waited, I waited in vain.

I even gave you kiss,
but never once when you were alive.
In my hands you died.
I kissed, I kissed till your soul in me died.

Too much love is killing me now,
Too much pain is billing me now.
I am confused, I want you back.
To sleep together for one last stand.

I wont touch you,
I wont make love,
I neither would see,
as I don’t wanna cry again.

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