A condom tree.

2 Sep

This article has been in a fixed and static stage for 5 days and that is pretty long for an idea to stand in my mind, and now I certainly know that this is brilliant idea. A condom tree, think of it and you will have raunchiest of thoughts, but this is no sleazy one hand busy article. Let me clarify before you make any kind of prejudice about this article(which by this time you must have made) that this is one straight from soul.
Let me state about the logistics of the possibility, what I am really trying to say,and the back ground of this article. I was thinking about the things which faces the ire of radicalists in world over, and most of them are under the domain of sex, and this is not just the story of India but world over. Condom is one of them, there have been long debates about the promotion of a thing which many consider a tool to achieve their sexual moksha, and for others its is just pure vulgarity. Whatever, but the XXX flavored condoms certainly made watching cricket matches a hand exercise, one had to use remote repeatedly. But let us think in a different manner, what if we had a natural production of condoms, a tree producing condoms, not necessarily wrappered, but bare natural latex condoms, all very strong natural product. And what if it found its place in bible. Eve plucking a condom from the tree rather than apple!( I still dont know, why in hell was an apple was selected, why not a banana). Coming back to condom tree, it would have played a great role, in population reduction and we might have never heard of AIDS. Condom now is not just limited to bedside or onbed use, but it has found its place in various part of human society, being used by American troops in Iraq, by Indian weavers in weaving. There is still a large taboo surrounding it, I think it should have long back come in kite flying, which is great time pass when you think of India in particular. So condom trees would have been really useful, one has to just go to the nearest condom tree and pluck four and five and no body would have ever known what purpose are you taking it. And who knows it might have tasted much better than apple. Then there would have been hybrids and the more juicy ones. It would have few nations rich, just by exporting condoms, all natural condoms. Available in n number of sizes, and all hand picked. There might have been a condom ministry for it in particular. Then if some company would have started artificial condoms as what we have now, then there would have been protests. There would have been debates on news channels surroundin natural and artificial condoms.  A condom tree would have done wonders.
There would have been companies selling you top quality seeds, nurseries selling  you top quality saplings.  We had green revolution, we might have had C revolution. It would have certainly played a great role in Indian independence, Gandhiji(with all honor) would have despised English condoms, and it might have been English condoms being burned during Swadeshi movement.
I think by know you are in position to let your mental horses go wild and think the other possible things wherein a condom tree would have played great role. But coming to reality, we dont have any such tree…

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2 Responses to “A condom tree.”

  1. kushi September 25, 2007 at 8:24 pm #

    Although the idea is quite strange but still interesting
    Hmm may be the special epic kamsutra holds the secret of this.
    Any ways a nice attempt to let your readers think in different league for condoms

  2. kriti September 25, 2007 at 8:31 pm #

    Great attempt
    At least it promotes us to think that there must be some natural way out too.
    It makes one to imagine what if we really had condom tree how parents would be reacting/explaining their kids what this tree is all about.
    Will that tree be supported what will be climatic conditions required by it …2 many thoughts ..
    Or might be in the currant days …there would have been a condom tree plantation day
    Hee hee seems funny but still has the capability to start rolling one’s brain cells

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