17 Nov

Wind was gushing hard,
on my face making me retard.
Her skirt were kissing her knees.
Gels we used for hairs was already dead.
In her eyes I felt like giving my body up.
Some thing shook,
And I know beauty is the perfect deception.

Dark were the clouds,
Tears ran like mad cows.
There was aching in my heart,
and a considerable shrunk in size.
She had made her decision,
No more traveling together.
And I know that beauty is the hardest deception.

Looking up now, I see a sky,
Which may any time cry.
I can go wet for hours,
as no drop will drench my soul.
It is already gone.
Because I made my decision,
to live my rest of life with deception.

I have been near to see too,
it can not drown me.
I have already met deeper trenches,
felt water latching my lungs.
Been under harder pressures.
I know you have also been there,
Because you also saw mirror and was under deception.

Gone are the days when I could fly,
Your jibes made me look like a lie.
I changed for applause,
that now sounds like tethering  wounds.
You should have been here,
So that you can see,
That beauty is the perfect deception.

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