See if it happens.

19 Nov

Taking in, and making me,
all the more so happy.
Your sweet eyes, and your dreams,
making me go crazy.
Come, these are my arms,
Baby there is no harm.
Oh! Lets make it happen.

Late, crimson sky,
Winds blowing us high.
Your honesty took me away.
It shall not happen,
but we can be there,
where nobody cares,
and lets see if it happens.

Sure as it may get,
I can never deny,
we can fly, together fly.
Together cry.
People may think of it as rain.
Oh! together, one more time,
Lets see if it happens.

I know, you are a birdie, so free.
You wont be stopped,
never ever by me.
But still before last kiss,
Before I fall in trance of miss.
Come bit closer, more closer.
And lets see if it happens.

A poem, more of a love ballet kind…inspired by ‘you know who’.

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