Energy disparity/Carbon disparity = k

2 Dec

Energy Disparity

____________ = k < = >Energy = Carbon(k)

Carbon Disparity

This blog off late was very focused on my creative stint with literature, and not so on my technological overviews. To say, you can remove Kartik from science, but not science from Kartik, so be it. One more thing which I would like to tell is that its examination season here, and my next exam which by any measure is very important, is all about energy, ecology, environment and society. This subject is somehow responsible for my this post, but the thing which really launched me to my computer chair was the Global economic summit, or something like that(forgot the name).

Not discussing much about the summit and coming back on the topic of energy and carbon, I think the formula I mentioned is very much clear even to the one who is not well versed with mathematics…( you still need to know the basics). Explaining it, its nothing but proving that carbon produced at present as we very well know is directly proportional to the amount energy used ( Here k is the carbon constant). World though globalised is yet not fair and equal, and it starts with energy and ends on carbon. There is a wide gap in per capita energy need between a resident of a developing nation and the one in developed nation. This some how as discussed accordingly is, translates into the carbon disparity. Energy diparity cn be directly linked to the development of a nation, and so can be the pollution. Reason being that with the present technologies which are very much dependent on carbon for energy, the more you use them, the more they will lead to the carbon production. We are having options but the options are either still under scientific domain, or are only in the reach of the rich.

Focusing on India, which is still beating its wings to get into the league of developed nations, is in a very trivial state. Since being a nation under the lime light due to its current economic growth, it is being asked to check its carbon emission and on the other hand, as it is not a developed nation, facing problems of electricity shortage is in dire need of energy, which means more production of carbon. Though due to this very reason India enjoys a very significant position in the market of Carbon credit, but we in no normal logic can undermine India’s energy needs. India being on the leaner side of carbon production can cash on the international carbon credit policy, but the question remains for how long.

Development with itself bring various advantages, and one of them is being a first. This position is being still enjoyed by various nations. Lesser you are developed more the chains are around you. I am not hoping for sudden open sourcing in technology as it will mar the profits of being the first, so this brings India and nations on similar ground to become first. They have to somehow work in the manner so that they can remain on the profitable side of carbon economy and also on the healthier side of energy economy. We can not deny that the call of present is to save the globe from global warming, but we can also not deny from the fact that this whole scenario which includes carbon, energy, global warming is a rut. As it is with any kind of rut, you need to do some thing extra ordinary to come out of it. Demand of present is some extensive research in the fields of energy, and if it requires some global technological collaboration then on nation should not shy from that, this applies to developed and developing alike. Money is a sure lure, but to have a better world we need to have a much bigger goal and that is global sustainability. If we will survive for longer duration, I am sure there will be more options for earning money for all the people alike. Lets keep few things out of the money vision binoculars, and one of them has to be energy, and other can always be AIDS.


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