Why Angels have wings…and demons horns.

7 Dec

Few things sometime really bothers me like no other thing. This time its about Angels and Demons, oh no not the pulpiest fiction written by Dan Brown but the real angels and demons. Why and how some body came to the conclusion that angels must have wings like house fly, and demons to have horns like cow which comes daily around my house. It irks me a grea deal and the great revolutionary in me wants to rebel against the rut. I know its difficult to change since its not about me but about the popular culture, popular choices. Bad people must have horns…and good people must have wings like house fly. On the contrary, cows are very amicable animals, and house flies though they look calm and composed are one of the filthiest creatures. As there are always few things which can never be in a single person’s control, I think this is one of them. One more thing before I end, it would have been really wonderful if good fellas develop wings as their goodness increases and bad people to develop horns on head, at least life would have become an easy game. But what about those, who did all kind of jobs…both good and bad.

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One Response to “Why Angels have wings…and demons horns.”

  1. saharsh January 2, 2008 at 6:13 pm #

    good thought but i personally feel that even demons are good so its your vision that makes demons bad i feel demons are better and may be the first person who defined angels with wings and demons with horns would have been like me

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