Love cost a paisa more than hate!

9 Feb

I am once again feeling obliged to write on my blog, after so many days, I was able to sort out my schedule and take some time out for writing. Frankly speaking I do not have anything worthwhile to write but I wont shudder and write some thing on love on hate. I might someday become Sigmund Freud of love psychology, because it comes to easily to me. Ask me to write and I can easily pen more than few lines on love and hate.

Now is the apt time to write on love, people are going to burn few pocket holes soon on Valentine’s Day. This is impromptu writing, writing about love and all. The fact is that love does cost some money and that is in all cases more than a paisa. It can go in lakhs and crores.  I will certainly suggest a solitaire as a gift for this Valentine, and I will shut up after suggesting, cause I at present have lesser money than the house maid of mine. And I am neither becoming rich by writing on this blog.

Money, love and hate has got a very distinguish relationship. Off all the feeling it is these two feelings which needs lot of money. One can disagree, but then even my housemaid disagrees on whether it is she or me who keeps house unclean. When you are in love than you certainly pay for love, your love and your lovers love. Its very much like cricket, where you have to run even for your partner, in cricket though you can cause a run out and get your partner out. In love it will be you who will be out, if you try to get your parter run out. It is tricky situation isnt it. But hate is far more dangerous than love when it comes to money…situation can make you pay not for yourself but for your partner, and sometimes even for their family. This beings to a very valid question, which of the feeling costs more…?

You know whats my answer…just see the headline. and rest you are welcomed to think aloud with me.


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