Say no to Common sense, and Yes to Condom sense…

16 Feb

Common sense is a passe…Condom sense is in. Those who have read about the famous Condom Tree, sublimely knows that I will buy stakes in a condom manufacturing company. To begin with, do you know what is common sense…I mean the definition…go here. As always I wont stress on what you should know out of you common sense, I will only gibber about what is beyond your level of intelligence.Like a hermit who did his Ph.D sitting in a cave, on Condom Sense, I will ask you to inquire and quench your thirst and know about what is Condom sense.Pretending that you have asked a question, something like this, ” For the ‘utthan’ of this humanity, for killing our sins, Oh! great sage tell us the truth, tell us about Condom sense.”And like those Puranic sages ( I love Suut the rishi of Dandak Van) , here is my answer…Oh! Great student of humanity, this question of yours is the most appropriate question one could have asked, and you in my presence would get a very appropriate answer. For many ages people sought the ultimate answer for all their problems and ultimately they found that they already had the answer, it was their common sense, answer to most of their problems. When I say most of the problems I really mean it, because there were many problems which a normal man whose life was all about day to day needs could not solve. He got tucked in common day problems and even his limited common sense could not help him out. Then as the man advanced, he went door to door searching for newer problems and found them in abundance. He met new diseases and there was no dearth of them either. And when he looked towards the findings of ester centuries which now was his common sense, he was unable to find any solution. He is neither finding any solution even now. Still my dear student of truth, I haven’t discussed the main point, the question you asked. Your question will lead to the answers to humankind’s ultimate problems. We will start with physical aspects, herein I think you already know what does a condom mean. You cant be a bigger donkey if you do not know about Condom. Go here to know more. One of the distressing problem of this century which is swallowing present generation and even the coming generations, yes you guessed it right, AIDS could be easily tackled by a small piece of latex. Here, Oh! My dear student, I advice you to move ahead and add up on your common sense and bring in condom sense in your life. I on this auspicious day of Saint Valentine would not suggest to go out and buy condom for having sex just for the sake of having sex (more importantly you should first listen to me), you are better off listening to your own gut feeling in that respect. I know till know I was highly male centric, and this holy world does not only contain male but very beautiful females. And Condom sense is useless if we do not include them in picture. As a frontrunner of every society, my dear female students you must exercise all your rights to have protected sex as and when required. Your safety should be highest concern for you.

I will try and tell you more about condom sense, and next time we would discuss about how condom sense has to be applied psychologically.


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