Atelier of Love…

30 Mar
I do not know why am I writing this and why would I continue writing. I just five minutes back did not had any thing to write about. Though now a days I am going through my usual love pangs, which are quite normal to me and me and my family is accustomed to it. Most of the times my love is for the opposite sex, and this time too its same…but the point is not the vector or magnitude of my love, but the universality of it. When I go through my love pangs, I feel like admiring nearly everything, even pain and things which arent that good in normal times. It makes me more aware, more aware of the grace which god showers on me or others, the supernatural force.
Still my love pang is not the reason why I am writing this article, its a echo article. Echo of an article I just read in Times of India sunday supplement (Times Life: 30/3/2008, pg 2). The article is about a specially abled child by the name of Munna, it was a story how that boy was, despite of his inability was star on his own. The article told that how he was much closer to the divine power than we mere mortals are. I havent met him, neither would I be able to meet him in future as he is dead. Where does this bring me…
Back on my love pangs, love is indeed divine, it has to be if it is love. If it is not divine then it is not love, because love in its purest form make you love everything, it makes you forget and forgive the forgone. I dont fill that bliss at its extremum, but I do feel it. This is one reason why I never try to stall the process of my love pangs. I doubt their sustainability either out of lack of confidence or as a part of my habit, but I never take them seriously. I wait for more divine experience. Life is such a cliche, and we have to live it that way doing few normal things for majority of time, skipping the small dose of happiness while we prefer waiting for that major dose, which takes its own time to come. God, if there is some one like him, is great, indeed very great. Most of the people are normals, they have normal feelings, no physical deformities, wonderful peers and family and yet they are not happy.
Its very easy to preach but when it comes to self parameters change and things become tough to handle. But one thing stands true and that is divinity of love. I have experienced it, in one of most down trodden time of my life till now when my mom hugged me, it was all I needed that time and it worked. Thats love in its purest form, it heals everything even the death which many calls supreme reality falls short in might when pitted against love. Long live love and long lime my pangs.

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