assorted thoughts as I am going crazy.

2 May

I am presently going through writers block, last thing which i completed was in march, a story which I think was written quite nicely. Since then there has been no poems nothing going great on other fronts too. Even my technical blog also holds a deserted feeling. I dont know, what has happened to me. I am not writing now a days, though it has to do with exams but more than that it has to do with few other things also. Lot has happened since I wrote my last post and still I can not remember what has happened and up on that I do not feel like writing. I feel that I should write more often, I need to compress few thing into one post.
One more thing on which I am contemplating is to bring in technical posts on this blog. But since this blog is more in literary feeling, I doubt it would be a good read or not. Fundamentally I need to make my mind on various matters. Whether it is about college or my studies or my personal life. There are lot of things which are to be handled and that too quite carefully. First thing first…but what is first….
EXAMS…obviously…will do it…there is no doubt…there has to be something which is going to bring lot of change into coming days…and I can feel it…so its a fact that I am going crazy…and more than that I dream of beautiful girls dancing in front of a mad elephant…now you can say that I must be dreaming bad…eating bad…oops…once again a 11pm fits are catching hold of me…I must end it right here…else…i am in love with a girl whose height I do not know…haa…but what does height have to do with the love…oh..I am fooling you around…man if I do not end it here and you are still reading it then its sure that there are more crazier people than me..and one of them it you…


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