One external down…

26 May
As it happens there are four externals preceding theory papers, I am through with one of them. Today it was DELD-I which expands into digital electronics and logic design – I, now what does it mean…nothing in terms of course I have to study, I didnt prepared much for it either which means there is whole lot of course left to study for theory paper…pretty pathetic but yet beautiful…leaving DELD aside, I have got COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 4, in which I have to cope up with an external who in life wouldnt have sat on Linux platform for more than 24 hours and would be asking us question which we wont be able to answer…no matter how hard we study tonight.
I will be going through Sumitabha Das, book which is good one on UNIX and was used by faculty (no need to mention that our faculty was nasal whiner…) who also in her life wouldnt have sat on UNIX system all his life for more than 12 hours (I delibrately gave some respect to external) and would be whining tomorrow as good as she did all semester long. All these things apart, I have got plenty in my plate to eat so that I would be able to vomit out on examination day. May god bless you…and more importantly me for rest of my externals and theory paper.

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