So here I go…

27 May
Another External down…this was a cake walk. As I wrote yesterday external wont be there with more than 24hrs Linux experience, no matter how learned he or she may be. Reason being Linux is still a Geek’s OS and not the one which is in general use, neither there are softwares which can make your shift to Linux when you can get best softwares for pennies.
In this case it was a she, and I think she didnt had more than 8hrs experience, pathetic it may seem but was entertaining to me. I can say all this because the questions which were asked to me were all easy and covered the basics and the most important part of linux, what is linux and what makes it different and how is it installed on computer. All were answered by me as I recently installed Ubuntu on my computer, thats why it is said that having practical knowledge makes all the difference.
Now tomorrow is EDC II, which expands to electronics devices and circuits, which I am surely going to study as it holds a great deal of importance on my personal front, its just that I love this topic, though I may not perform well as it sometimes require lot of mugging but who cares when you love something…

Is there anything else to tell….Hmm yes.
I am thinking of going for industrial training, and I am being able to zero on one location. But what am I looking for…

It should be related to electrical and electronics (nearly every industry is)
It should be in some beautiful place (worth for a vacation, must be photogenic){{the most important}}
It should be well connected by bus and train.

Though I will prefer some place out of Bhopal and one which is worth a vacation in itself, but I have few other things in mind and thats the reason I am confused. If we are not going to get ample holidays this time then it could be a problem if I decide to go somewhere else than Bhopal. And at present I do not know the number of days which we shall get as for holidays. So the confusion stands…but there is still some time for the decision to be made.
I dont think there is any thing more to be written for today at least.


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