3 Externals Down…and few pieces of news…

29 May
So last few days werent that happening besides me preparing for externals (practicals) and then there was some news regarding my Sisters visit to Grand Canyon, and I have only got tip of iceberg today(only few photos) till now. And my driving stint..
1>> 3 rd external like all others was good, he didnt asked much question and was straight forward with the theoretical part, all in all I wish him good life, since he didnt made my life any worse.
Now I have two day gap for my third external, which is off course the toughest one, of electrical machines. And then there is a sessional (house work) to be submitted to VT (HOD, EX).
2>> Didi had a wonderful trip to Gran Canyon and she is at present using my camera to fullest and though I do feel the need of a camera in my pocket but I can bear the pain for the happiness that she is taking few good photographs.
3>> I hit a cycle rider just 15 minutes back. Driving is my new passion and I was only driving passionately I dont know how that cycle rider came in to the way, car struck him sideways and oops…he fell down and so did my side view mirror.

I dont think there is any more news to share but all in all this week is going nicely…

Ciao for Now…


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