Asked to write…and hence I wrote

15 Jun
For the rantings unheard,
In your beautiful lies,
The bird on perch, for me,
see your beautiful eyes.

Winds of clear sky,
with dry leaves alike,
they buzz around you, for me,
where on earth you lie.

Drops of grey clouds,
falling on your hairs,
they smell dusty, for me,
how far you live from here?

Wasting when I cant touch,
Taxing as I type with flair,
Gaia weighing you in arms,
and lest I do care…


One Response to “Asked to write…and hence I wrote”

  1. surendra August 19, 2008 at 10:41 pm #

    bahi kya likhu yr
    kuch jyada bade bade words likhe hai bawa tune
    anyways i read some content it was excellent work dude
    but there is still 1 thnk in mind…………….
    tu itna sab likh kaise leta hai yaar
    carry on dude…………
    ab aur kuch to nahi ,likhna na
    ab jab milega to bol dunga
    waise bhi buarai nahi kar sakte na

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