Can we have another Bill Gates?

29 Jun
So Bill Gates retires…I think this news is already with you and I think I am not doing any favor by telling this to you. By writing a self explanatory heading, I am in no position to keep you guessing about the next line or about the content of this post, so without wasting time I would put my views, that why I feel that this world isnt going to have another Bill Gates.
Before explaining any further I would like to regress and would like to tell that on initial face value heading, it can be taken as both positive and negative sense, but through out I will like to put this post as neutral, and then one more important thing, the Bill Gates I am talking about is the whole package and not just his intelligence, his impeccable business acumen, or his bank balance. So, I think I have put enough coal tar as of for making base of this article.
So can we have another Bill Gates, if you ask me, then my answer will be, NO. It is not that I think there can be none to match his level of intelligence, neither do I think that there can be none with matching business acumen, but I think that there wont be similar circumstances which gave us Bill Gates. With the changing world and changing consumer pattern, business pattern, we now can not have person raking millions just by selling softwares. Yes the last line is one which holds most significance in regards to this post. We had a Bill Gate by selling softwares for computers which were then made personal by his softwares, before him computers weren’t that personal, and highly closed systems like Mac would and with all due respect havent made that much of a difference. Mac’o’holics can appreciate Mac only because we have Windows. To put it, against his largest contemprary computer wizrard Steve Jobs, Bill gates didnt made better softwares but he made a better permeating system, comprising of limited open software development in form visual basic and others. Windows was succesfull and is successful not becuase it is technically most advance but becuase there is no dearth of third party software developers for Windows. You may love to hate it, that Microsoft didnt provided enought freedom to third party developers but what ever it gave was enough to have zillions of softwares. And let me tell you, if some thing is being tought in 1st or 2nd standards in India, then it ought to be higly important, or else our education system does not bother to introduce technical marvels on their technical virtues only.
One thing on which probably everyone will agree that what Bill Gates gave us in form of Windows changed our lives in some way or other. But slowly things started to change, things started to go on net, net whose rise was in some way was fueled by Bills very own windows, and he probably couldnt have done otherwise even if he had wished for it. Business started to go online, it started to move towards more coherence, coherence between two differenc users sitting wide apart. One should not forget that still there are millions of servers running on Mocrosofts technology…probably more than that on Open Source alternatives. And with internet came Google and yes we can not forget Yahoo! (Which might have been in M$ stable today) and other pleothera of websites. But google with its online advertisement changed lot of things. Gave us a new icon, but this new icon was not a man but a company, as in form of Google. Why am I saying so, becaue, I still havent found a kid who would say that would say I want to become like Larry Page or Sergey Brinn, but even today when Bill has left microsoft(officially) I can find many who idiolises him. Though I never sain that I wanted or wants to become like Bill Gates but yes I heard many saying that. But due to changing pattern of market, with the advent of open source alternatives or in many cases primarily used open source softwares rules of games have slighly shifted. Things arent that simple for windows anymore, there are wast amount of open source softwares and more than handy group of Linux operating system which though slowly are making their presence felt. So one thing for sure, if you want to go with a better technology then you would have to go for Linux or unix based OS or if you are in for making software for masses, then you will have to face more competetion than what Microsoft had to. Which might take you more than a life time to reach where Bill Gates reached before microsoft stock values started crashing down. And chances of maintaining richest person tag with core industry in your hand is not viable as core industries are highly susceptible to market fluctuations. Software for that matter can have slump but not have surging trough.
We will for sure have more intelligent people, more brighter business men/women better humans but we will never have another Bill Gates. And Bill Gates with is his continuing interest in his foundation is making it further difficult for others to match his level as a package.
Computer world could have been more seamless if we might not have had Bill Gates but it would then not have reached every home…Good or bad, we wont be having another Bill Gates…and guess what he has only retired from Microsoft…not from this world.
Long live Bill Gates and long live Microsoft.

3 Responses to “Can we have another Bill Gates?”

  1. saurabh June 30, 2008 at 11:06 am #

    Hi Kartik,

    I must say that you are a learned blogger with improved & efficient expressive skills. Along with wordpress do start blogging at iBranch- UIT RGTU too. Its your organisation platform, where all members are present.

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  2. kartik trivedi June 30, 2008 at 8:22 pm #

    Thanks Saurabh, after few experience of blogging, I have got one piece of wisdom, creating blog is darn simple but maintaining it is tough…but as you have said…would create a blog there too.

  3. saurabh June 30, 2008 at 11:55 pm #

    yes kartik,
    maintaining a blog is vis a vis publishing a journal. theme, content, user interest everything matters. But i can assure you that Blogging over iBranch will be more participative, as people here are all yr friends.

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