kattak 2.0 ; Going more pro…

29 Jun

This blog of mine have been more personal in nature and if not personal this has been highly poetic. I am now planning to change few things, I would now onwards put more serious topic on this blog. Put more on what I am thinking about other things than me. It would now on include my political, economical and other kind of commentry including and limited to two streams i just mentioned. Now you may ask, why am i doing it. The reason is quite simple, I have been thinking more in other areas than just about me. But be sure that this blog wont loose its personal essence, which means you will still be told about my daily goings, as and when possible. So you will have to bear with more techincal things, which are quite personal to me, or things which took more than little chunk of my time (when I was not blogging). And since there is some ammont of shift in whole attitude behind this blog, the tag line from Nothing Official, Slightly Personal will change…

From now onwards it will be…More than Me. Which i think is apt as I would be discussing various things which are not about me, and more about this world in which we live in.

I hope this goes well with very limited following of my blog…


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