Movies…3 in a day

1 Jul
  1. The Forbidden Kingdom ***
  2. Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic **(1/2)* { half marks just for the presence of Rani Mukherjee }
  3. De Tali * {Singe star for the thought, which director could never communicate}

I am currently frustrated after watching De Tali and I am wishing to fire gali after gali. Ritesh Deshmukh can act, so can Aftab so can Ayesha Takia, but I could not get what they were doing in film. I would like to confess to everyone that I do watch daily soaps though occasionally but they are good entertainment, at least to laugh out loud, but I can not gulp down vampish charachter of daily soaps in films so what was Rimi Sen doing, trying to suck brain out of viewers head…thats big no, so the question arises, who the hell wrote the script and kindly do tell me the address of the director of De Tali so that I can tell him that his brain is khali. I am sure cinema hall owners must have thrown its print in nali. Another question comes about the dull camera angles, static shots and very long shots, some times it seemed that cameraman must have gone some where to take his tea, leaving camera on, on the stand. Add on to that, the movie starts with the title song which is as dull as…sorry i havent seen anything as dull as that. I can understand that director wanted to show intense friendship, and I value his intentions but beyond that I can not admire his work.

Kunal Kohli, dear come back to movie review and start with your very own movie. Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic is also pain. Poor charachterization of kids, of Ameesha Patel, of Saif and a not so exciting role for Rani Mukherjee (she is looking beautiful in that hair style). Movie has a nice plot (la Marry Poppins), but come on, even nice plot need nice script, good editing, and good charchterization. I know I am late on cursing this movie, but Kunal Kohli should accept every bit of it because we expect a better movie from him. Hum Tum was a wonderful movie, there were intense scenes in it, but tptm didnt had. By the way Kunal Kohli in a way accepted that he have some relationship with When Harry met Sally, there is kind of ester egg scene, when at end Rani meets Rishi Kapoor near a dust bin in US, at the backgrount there is a board (specially placed) on which ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is written and guess what it is quite clean. SO we might se ‘Marry Poppins’ written some where in Kunal’s next movie. Ameesha lookes sexy in lazy lamhe (reuced in size) but thats it, she was given too whiney a role. All in all movie had some scenes on which you can laugh (not loud) an some you might shed some tears and for most of the part you may wish to go out of hall, or if you are watching it at home then for making a tea/coffee. Can watch on a walk.

Forbidden Kingdom, poor story line. We all know Jackie Chan and Jet Lee can give some nice action scenes, but come on they are not that bad actors, that director does not give them any scope for acting. Story tried to include too many things, just too many, too many external charachters to garner large ammount screen space. I feel that if you want to give more than 5 min of screen time too some actor than you have give him/her some good lines and nice looks matching to persona. In simple words gundas werent looking that gundas. The vamp was looking very beautiful, and I for some time wished that she should turn to good side. Over all, picture did had some nice action scnes, best one was a fight between Jet lee and Jakie Chan, but the problem in that fight was that you always knew that they were both heroes and they will become friends…I wont put should but will say that you can watch it.


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