Vantage Point; one more movie today.

3 Jul

Beautiful story, wonderful car chase scene, different presentation, but fir few moments it did got boring. Story involved showing same event with different perspective and when one does it many time things do start get boring. Though it was compensated by a nice car chase scene. There were 6 loops with 6 different perspective, thought all the loops’s characters werent tightly connected but yes they made their point without any confusion. And in the process you would be able to appreciate each character. Each character do meet each other at some point of time and it shows the beauty of story line, thoroughy thought and excuted. The best part of film which l liked was tyhe climax when Quaid finally find President of USA, accidently. And the one who caused that accident was a small girl…watch the movie its worth it.

Vantage Point: ***(1/2)*


One Response to “Vantage Point; one more movie today.”

  1. begining of new SETH..... October 6, 2008 at 9:04 pm #

    kt you are fantastic and your ability to deliver the point without wasting a word is excellent….

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