The Greater federation.

8 Jul
In coming August, 15 th of it will a be a special day for me, and other people of this nation, India. We got independence 60 years back on the same day (night). India in this due course of 60 years fought few wars which devoured hundreds, some wars were with external agents and few were fought within. India got its independence and so did Pakistan, and both of the nations fought 4 wars, in all, and none of them proved fruitful to anyone. Wars are never fruitful, but the peace is. With new generation in, dictating policies of repective governments, both India and Pakistan are now are no on waring terms. And this is great seeing to the fact that both the nations were created out of one on relegious lines.
The point covered in this post is not about what happened but what may happen. I honestly feel, that coming fifty years may see a greater federation, wherein nations of Indian subcontinent, though maintaining their sovereignty will become a part of the greater federation, having semi common army, single currency and extensive exchange of goods within. It wont happen out of political needs but due to sheer economical needs, and due to the requirements of greater security on natural resources front. Would it be easy to have the greater fedrartion, something in lines of European union, but more cohessive than them. No the answer is pure no, because there are lot of political interest in every country against that. But people will really need it, more and free trade among the countries of Indian sub continent will be asked for by the traders and other sectors of economy.
Such a federal architecture would be more secured and wont be easy to meddle with by any other nation, per say US and China, and combined they would have more resources and more consumption capacity than any other nation. With that we can also say that any such federal architecture cant be denied a position in security council due to virtue of its extensive consumption and production capacity and the political power which it will effuse. Connotation of such federal architecture is a more united and more stable state. Now stability might be of concern, but I do not feel so for very simple reason that with coming years people of Indian Subcontinent will realize that any happening in any other part of world does not have any bearing of anything in their part if they do not wishes so, and would become of view that development of their lands is of more importance than anything happening in any other nation if that happening is not affecting us. Such a level of maturity will be achieved by the people and so by the government.
I really hope for such a thing to happen, if it does I would be happy and if it does not then also I would be happy that it may occur the next day.


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