My PC crashed! :((:

13 Jul

One of the saddest day of my life, after one of the happiest. I got a MacBook just a few days back and I was more than happy. This incidentally is my first post from MacBook and also one when I lost every bit of my stored content from my PC. Pathetically I was slightly over confident over my PC and never thought that it would crash someday, and for past 8 months it never occurred to me to back up my softwares, my music, and most importantly, photos…

What kind of end it was, my old computer crashed and in my hand lies a much advanced computer than my previous one. I lost most of my photos, (those which werent uploaded on internet), and only few were updated. So all in all, I lost my bastion and what was left was just some rumble. 

I had to leave my computer with an employee of my dads office and even after giving him instructions that if it comes to deleting all the stuff on the drive, do give me a call, but I never recieved any call and when I asked about it yesterday, the news I got was that it has all been deleted. 

But see in the hindsight, just couple of days back my sister arrived India with a MacBook, and now I have another bastion, on which I have restart with scratch. People say that Mac is more stable and it is to be seen now. So all in all, this in many ways is a new beginning, after an happy end. I am still getting to the terms of new mac, as there are lot of differences, and it would surely take some time till the gleam part of Mac vanishes and I start seeing it more as a computer and less as goddy gadget. There is something else which my sister brought for me…of which i will discuss in future posts.

Most of the todays time was devoted for getting the right drivers for the computer(PC), the drivers which the unauthorized deleter installed were either wrong or were old versions, and most importantly he forgot to install audio driver, and proper video driver. So started the long journey of finding the right drivers and installing them. So for better part of morning I was on compaq site searching for right driver, downloading them and installing them.


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