The Capitalist Icons.

24 Jul

How many of you know Che Guevera, kindly do not feel down if you don’t know who this man is, and also do not be affronted either if you know him like you know your brother. For those who do not know him I should spend few molecules of my ATP, describing him.  By profession he was a physician, and later due to some personal experiences followed the conduits of Marxism. He later became a Marxist revolutionary and was revered in this respect. He was the master of guerilla warfare and as he was one of the staunch Marxist crusader, which meant he was in tussles with America, for obvious reasons. His area of work was mostly latin America, you can know more by googling about him.

How many of you know Mahatma Gandhi, now don’t feel insulted if you know him, and if you do not know him then, mate, go check mirror, there you will find a #$!@. So I think every one reading this entry knows who Mr. MK Gandhi was, and also know his importance in Indian perpective. Mr. Gandhi wasn’t a staunch supporter of capitalism either. He stressed more on socialism, more on equal distribution of resources, which, by its ethos capitalism doesn’t supports.

Both Mr Guevera and Mr Gandhi are amongst the 100 most influential people of 20th century.  There is not much similarity between both of them but that both of them in their way were against the influence of capitalism. Now after reading this you must be trying hard to conjoin the heading and the substance you have read so far and might have come on conclusion that I am full of time wasting @#@$.  But now let me pour down some wonderful paradoxes. They are in fact great capitalistic icons, more than they are icons of Marxism or socialism.

Before you come up with counterviews, just see you pocket and you may find proof of what I am saying. Mr.Gandhi resides on very symbol of capitalism. Gandhi like Che has become brand. Their brand values are bigger than what they were when they lived. When US presidential candidates says that he seeks inspiration from Mohandaas Karamchand Gandhi then you can bet that if he was listed in any global stock market his stock value must have sky rocketed. Same goes with Che, not many know him (in India),  not many follow what his aims were or what he did, but would wear T’s with his iconic photo on. Che in India is comparatively a newer brand but in Latin America he has had his presence from long time. Look around and you may find few of his photos, on caps, on shirts, on sweat shirts and so on. Yes there are cigars carrying him as an icon ( due to his Cuban roots).

Success by its nature is capitalistic, and if you are successful then you can not deny that you are there without capitalism. Capitalism isn’t just an economic term, and now holds greater social significance. Skipping capitalistic point of view, while carrying ant plan of yours aren’t going to bring you basket full of fruits of success. Humans by nature seek icons; no society has ever escaped from any kind of symbolism, or icons.  It has always gone like that and will always go like that, I wont put more views herein, and would like to reply on comments carrying counter views.

Gandhiji , Che for many still hold special value, not marred by petty capitalistic views, but as far as populist culture goes they are losing their value. They are slowly becoming irrelevant, but I bet that they will never get completely vanished; capitalism will save them for us, for future.  And as far as fashion is concerned, Che is really hot these days; fashion icons are flaunting him on their sexy bodies publicizing him more than his ideology.  Same goes with Gandhiji, political parties flaunt him, put slogans around him while showing complete Alzheimer as far as his teachings are concerned. Have I lost hope…no ways…I believe in capitalism, it wont let them die, there will be authors writing about them, churning money, they will continue as brands, and their ideology, teachings will wait for someone who is ready to follow them and not just fashion.


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  1. gaurav August 22, 2008 at 1:46 am #

    exciting thoughts.

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