What to do with Kashmir?

19 Aug

At present my sister is sleeping, with her arms twirled around her body, very similar to self hugging, and I have just finished reading full page of Kashmir story carried out in Hindustan Times. I only wonder that do sisters in Kashmir with all this rage and violence sleeps as sound as my young sister is doing now. I can only talk about my disability to comment first hand and can only rue over this fact, since none from my family I know has ever visited Kashmir. Valley simmered for a piece of land of size no more than a football field which would in any case be occupied for not more than a month or two. I for first time could not understand why the hell are they fighting over a piece of land, but after giving some thought I felt that they might have some Baba Amte type sentiments for their land, and it must be applauded if they are really looking for preserving nature. If they are so admant on preserving greenery then why is green cover all over Kashmir is reducing. This and onther reasons are crap and nothing but crap. Where are we heading with Kashmir after 61 years of independence? Do we have any solution of Kashmir, or we are just hoping that things will get better soon, or we are no yet clear about what we should hope.

If economical figures are to be taken then central government is shovering three times the money it is spending on Bihar, and yet Kashmiris enjoying special status as a nation within nation feel that they are not being treated nicely. Yes there is huge presence of army in Kashmir but it cant be done away with as Kashmir is an entry point for terrorists and terrorism is not just a problem of Kashmir but whole India, so removing army from Kashmir isnt the best thing to do. Or are we just sticking to it just beacuse we want to and we have no reason.

Cant we let Kashmir free, free from India, and Pakistan as an individual state? Thats waht two articles in two different people were echoing. I am talking of Vir Singhvi’s and Swaminathan Ankleshwar Aiyar’s article in Times of India. They both in their own way said that lingering on with Kashmir is not doing any great help to India, both felt that in most probable cases Laddakh and Jammu would prefer being with India and Kashmir may decide to form a separate country or may wish to become part of Pakistan. In any of the above case we will surely eliminate this Kashmir problem. We have to somehow come over quasi collonist view which we have regarding Kashmir, being a liberal nation we must not only get ourselves ready for a liberal solution but alsomove ahead. If people in Kashmir really see themeselves anything different than Indians then we really do not have any right to keep them stuck to us. In present scenario, though being one of the richest state being on per capita income, there isnt enough happiness in Kashmir and this in turn isnt allowing India to remain happy.

Terrorism in now no longer a Kashmir specific problem, and even after doing away with Kashmir we wont find reduction in terrorist incidents, as miscreants will find other reasons to spread their anarchy. Still we will be in much better place to handle terrorism with strong hand as we wont be specifically answerable to certain state, and its people.

I even after readin few articles and going through few books find myself as no lerned apostle of Kashmir problem, but I strongly feel that now is the time when we should let Kashmiris truly decide their destiny. ANd kindly do go through the articles I mentioned in this post.


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