Rock On! Movie Reivew

29 Aug

Pathetic it may seem to those movie buffs who are relegious about watching every movie on its first day and its first show, that, I who feels that am a pretty good movie buff havent ever watched a movie on its first day first show. But things are there to be change and it changed today and for record Rock On is the first movie I ever watched on its first day and its first show. Missed out some initial minutes of movie (reached late), but enjoyed it after that.

Movie was about rock band and you must already know all the characters by now, to point on, every one of them carried their role perfectly supported by nice screenplay and script. Music on which the movie is fundamentally based is awesome, including the background score. Farhan Akhtar cant be judged on the base of this movie as there werent multiple shades to perform but whatever task he cut for himself was perfectly carried by him. Arjun Rampal was better than his previous few movies including OSO, his character had depth and he carried it out perfectly. And yes, the new face Prachi Desai…there was no sitcom effect to bee seen on her, she looked like she was always there for movies, and was then as i earlier said was supported brilliantly by wonderful screenplay and script. What matter most to me for a any actor is his or her timing, and she scored 8 of 10 in it.

I wont be disclosing story with supplying spoilers, but would tell you that at the end one member would be dead…on positive note, movie is worth watching and have something more to which can make you watch it again.

But, as there always is, other side, first half of movie was bit slow and dry, and there were far too many flashbacks which made story on real time line bit stagnant. Every movie has got its own tempo, and Rock On despite being a rock based movie (if you connect that with fast) is on slower side, you at the end can either love it or hate it. I also hope that once you show a love life of your protagonist then you must give ‘X’ some screen time. Aditya (Farhan Akhtar) who had a wonderful girlfriend, with whom he shared a nice relationship, was just removed and brought back, thoug reason was ultimately provided for viewers of her very small presence, but yes some drama was missing, I am not talking of loud drama, but still some drama was felt wanted. All this I suppose wont mar your experience watching this movie. So on final note…go with your friends and watch this movie, and yes do buy the original soundtrack of this movie.


3 Responses to “Rock On! Movie Reivew”

  1. kriti August 29, 2008 at 5:35 pm #

    I want to watch the movie now for both the duo prachi and farhan 🙂
    let me 2 judge how their carrier will move ahead

  2. abhshek August 31, 2008 at 3:48 pm #

    rampal rox yaar……his luks alone are gud enuf to gwet him perfect 10

  3. sonal September 10, 2008 at 11:45 pm #

    m nt in 2movies..until m very sure of likig it!
    but i guess ,m gonna give a try 2 this one

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