Where are we heading?

13 Sep

If India fails in picking itself up from inflation that what’s going to happen? Thanks God and economists that we still need not ponder over this question as many of them(economists) positively feel that inflation is not going to touch hyper ceiling and will soon stabilize and then decline to normal levels. I am more interested in understanding alteration in consumption pattern in Indians rather than just inflation. And more important is not the inflation but the downturn associated with it. IT and associated industries are being hit in mighty way, due to global downturn, and thus there are millions who are praying against such reversion. What is to be seen is that how other industries face up in this downturn and whether we are correctly estimating this slowdown or just over hyping it. One of the few things that will stack our prospects properly is amount of FDI and FII, which will indicate the how India is perceived as investment destination. One bare fact is that at present India is not that happy place to invest, and even among BRIC it is at last position lead by China and then Brazil. Reasons? many but to start with is lack of proper infrastructure to support investment, and then there is rusty system and mismanagement of natural resources. Nano in Singur is one example of rusty system wherein things could have been solved much earlier before they went out of hands. Investment does two beautiful things, first it brings money into circulation and then it provides employment and both of the things are important for India. With that one must not understand that there are no other options for achieving both targets but yes investment in industrial sector is one of the best one, but should be carried out with utmost care and propensity. Possibilities are endless in case of India, but the requirement is to get hold of all the chickens and keep them in basket and its for all of us to take part in that process and then see the results.


2 Responses to “Where are we heading?”

  1. THE FIFTH KNIGHT September 16, 2008 at 5:58 am #

    World End Game Analysis: The Man Who Could See Tomorrow

    The following analysis is not made as a doomsayer outlook, but rather from a realist point of view. Based upon the rules of strategic chess theory, and compensating for alternating random variables.
    Analysis: The world governments are continuing to realign the geo-political chessboard, toward a world war scenario. If this continues on it’s present course, then the enemy axis powers will emerge with Russia and China joining forces. Iran will fall into axis protection, and publicly join the newly formed axis powers. Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas would most likely follow suit. Pakistan is a variable, but most likely will fall to the new enemy axis, with Al Qaeda gaining control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. India is another variable, but will probably break all ties and agreements with China, and join the Coalition Forces, thus producing many similarities to the World War II historic format. The main observable difference will be terrorist organizations using actual Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear. Al Qaeda will bond for temporary purposes with the religious factions inside Iran, which connects to Hezbollah, who may very well take over Lebanon. Israel will be surrounded to the north, and into Syria across to Iran. This would soon become the northern parallel war zone. Lebanon, Syria, and Iran will have the Russian radar barrier system completed, that’s used in Moscow called Tin Shield 36D6, installed across the northern parallel. Somewhere right before this time-frame, China would execute an invasion on Taiwan, and if the U.S. Naval Fleet gets closer than 600 miles, they will be met and devastated by a Chinese missile attack.
    If we get to this point, China would foreclose on the U.S. National Debt of 4 trillion plus dollars, then counter any resistance with an all-out cyberwar attack against the U.S., and it’s coalition allies. Russian bombers would become committed to more than just jurisdictional fly-bys, perhaps releasing ordinance over New York City!
    If there is anything left of North Korea, they will assist with weapons transportation, and could possibly attack South Korea, depending upon the regime at that time.
    Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) has helped to ignite the New Cold War between the U.S. and Russia, by allowing Russian long-range bombers to land on Venezuelan airfields. A new Cuban Missile type crisis is in the brewing. Iran has strong current ties to the Hugo Chavez dictatorship, and would no doubt coordinate weapons, as Iran sinks coalition ships within the Straits of Hormuz, cutting off much needed oil supplies. Iranian missile attacks and death-squads would be released throughout the Middle East, and into the world to create a chaotic state of affairs — paving the way for their beloved 12th IMAM –from the prophesied end-times of the Koran.
    Early on, and during these events, the global hyperinflation could change into a global depression state. The current odds are in favor of this outcome. Ultimately the U.S. would flow from hyperinflation into a great depression state.
    With Climate Change coupled to these unfolding events, as in any state of depression, the U.S. Government would grapple with this economic devastation, and war. Just like they did in “The Great Depression”, they could out-law all gold transactions for some indefinite period of time. This was to regain economic control, and gold became useless, except when transacted illegally with stiff penalties.
    With Earth’s natural freshwater resource no longer available in glacier frozen form, desalination of WATER from the oceans, and through atmospheric humidity would control the failing stock markets of the world. WATER would replace the gold-standard. Alternative Energies will ultimately rule supreme with the Water-Maker Industry.
    Now you can see where all this is heading, and the clock is ticking, with Time running out! It’s not too late for public persuasion to assist in the shaping of mankind’s future. It’s not too late–yet!

  2. kartik trivedi September 17, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    so what should we do…and why didnt i thought of all this 🙂

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