Meltdown and Terrorism.

11 Oct

So, now its a fact, and still we in India those who are least invested are not touched by it. I would also say that inflation also havent touched us that badly, the upper middle class is still free from trouble. Yes I havent gone for coffee in CCD or for that matter any other cafe, but still I am spending money and not holding my hand that badly which I used to do when lived alone for prepatory studies. Meltdown is fact, so is inflation, but nearly all my friends do not see them as a major problem, there are few who will prefer kicking on my face rather than listening me on any of these topics.
Economic terms by their nature seems, bit paranormal, beyond the normal mortal grasps and alien. Specialy for my group which consist mainly of engineering undergraduates with no course or knowledge on economics. This time around with global economic consequences and daily headlines I know one thing that my friends wont be killing me, if I decide to initiate some talk on economics.
This post is not about, economics but certain tangential effects of economic meltdown. Tangent here will be terrorism. If we go by certain calculation then meltdown and its after effects are here to stay for approximately two years, that is we might have our skies clear only by 2010. With this I feel, there is another grievious danger, and that is of iincrease in terrorism, on international scale. With money going down the drain in share markets, and falling capitalistic empires, there would be less interest in dealing with the potent problem of terrorism. What I forsee is that the global budget for defence and related activites will take a certain nosedive. And I have my reasons also to support that. We have to agree on one thing that we do not import money from Mars, and neither do our are terrorist from some planet X. With less money to support legitimate activites to support people and go with development policies we leave a vast gap, a hole for terrorists and other such people to fill in. It would be really interesting to see, how does governemnts react to it.
Condition in nations like India and Pakistan where people have to fight terrorism on their mainland, and less money to support themselves, less money as cushion, things can become real tough and such tough situations are wonderful breeding ground for anarchy. With lack of a proper system to counter anarchy, every incident leads to more pain and more discorded answers from government. An economically strong nation cant withstant such jitters with ease, but a nation which is fighting economic crunch, trying to develope will for these reasons find it tough to act against terrorism in broader sense. When I talk about counter terrorist activites, I do not mean situational activites like capturing few terrorists after bomb blasts but a proper broad spectrum strategy against terrorism.
I dont know about any solution, but it has to be with us somewhere hidden…and we can only search it and then act accordinigly.


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