To you, my Birdie.

3 Dec

I need some paper, to write a letter,

which the birdie will take and fly.

Life has been litter, bit bitter,

Hell broke loose from the sky.

Things will get better, some time later,

but for wounds, I will cry.

You need some water, from Father,

I wrote it all, to him the birdie will fly.

Was it meal or poison in platter,

Oh, you never said Googbye.

Some reaons, to hang mistakers,

No matter, I will never say you Hi.

Oh, I know, your smile goes like this,

Oh, I know, your brows arched like that,

Oh, I know, You kissed my gift, tried to ring,

But now I miss, I know I miss,

To there I ask, where now you live,

My birdie to fly, fly high,

Never see down, There is blod on ground,

Just fly to you,

Bring your last message from you.

Though I lost none from my immediate or extended family in recent carnage in Mumbai, but some would have, we can only assess losses but will never feel them. I dont know whether there is any solution to it or not, the terrorism. But I know there must be some one up there, who gives us power to stand tall and fight against them…


One Response to “To you, my Birdie.”

  1. Vallari Agarwal July 23, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    great tinch of pain n hope mixed in the work..lovely..

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