Bestiality of Human beings

2 Feb

Humans are as similar to other animals as they are different. We as a species, without any doubt have risen like no other on this planet. We can always take pride in our incoherent way of living, mostly when compared with nature. We have always thought of making structure which we think, and made so as to supersede what nature gave us, and maybe thats the reason we have existed so long and continue to do so. Most of us feel ourselves so distinct from other living beings that we do not even pay attention to them, and with this ignore the very fact that in some way or other we are all linked.
What does this world need, a species which has outdone every other species and is trying to tame every possible rouge thing. It has ever encountered, and on the mean time, defining rouge as per its own will and fancy whims. Or a species which is trying to in-do every other species into the bigger picture, a global harmony of all the living beings. We can certainly take pride in our intelligence which certainly fails more so often than the imperceptibly small brains of ants and other insects, including the swarm of mosquitoes who are terribly intelligent to swarm around me only when I put off the lights of my room. Can we pretend to be animals or are we truly animals with just a single difference, that is the way of living. May be we are like distraught ants who want to make a mound of its own inside a larger mound which in turn is in midst of many mounds and the master mound is as fragile as the smaller one. So every rogue element of our society in some way wakens the whole structure, we cannot even we wist to remain impervious to some reprobate activity in some other part of world if not just outside our house. It will certainly touch your shores someday or other. I am no naturalist, I like to wear fashionable dress and dont care whether my food is organic or not, and have no qualms in indulging into various wasteful activities, and for this I call myself as human.
Now after so many words, comes the point behind the very title of this post, are we really that different from other beings or we are just an outgrowth of what was already present. We fight like chimps, who certainly have deeper roots in this world than we have. And then we fight for food, power, sex and nearly every other thing for which a bird as tiny as humming and mammal as large as elephant will do ( I dont know the social structure of Whales). We certainly fit somewhere in between. We live and hone a society which are as good as unwritten principles of an ant mound or a bee hive. Yes we certainly do not resemble to any one animal species, but there is something which is common in all of us. If at all we are beast, then we are the rogue beast, who thinks he can mend every thing according to itself.
If anything has happened then it is the complexity of problem which are on same notes as the problem of other living beings. So where does it leave us, certainly we are getting all the more closer to animals, killing each other, creating more havoc with every passing year and still fighting to save this earth from our own laxity over the ages.


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