Billu sans barber…

8 Feb

Few things just bounce, and no matter whats your height they will bounce over you. I hope you people have already aware of the fact that the coming film from SRK, Billu Barber wond have Barber in its name anymore. This  decision was taken by SRK so as to pacify the BARBER association who would have knocked the doors of court as they felt offended by the word BARBER with Billu. Some leader of theirs whom I heard was saying that, “You can name anything, Billu Hairdresser or Billu Artist…but no Barber as barber is a cast. They have no right to bring cast in between.”

My head is twirling at metaphysical speed, and I am not comprehend this plain fact which was stated by that gentleman. I surely know if ‘Nayi’ as cast and also as surname, but they all are supposed to be proper nouns. Whereas luckily or unluckily ‘Nayi’ is also a common noun, and whose english translation is nothing but barber whose synonym is ‘hair dresser’. I would with my little knowledge of immense database of indian surnames, like to challenge even ‘ARTIST’ against Billu, because I know few person with ‘Kalakaar’ as surname. This case is surely not in court and SRK voluntarily removed barber from billu. 

This will surely set a unique precedent regarding the name of films and companies. Well I am suddenly feeling that we will have to change various english nouns if all of a sudden few people and their designated organization start feeling offended. 

Few examples… 

Vermicompost : High resemblance  with Vermas, and its not even a good thing.

Chug: I know few Chugs also.

there can be zillions…

Then we can not have songs on Daru as there are Daruwalas who can feel offended. 

Villains can not use ‘Sharm’ in wrong way, as there are Sharmas. So we wont have dialogues like, ‘ Gori SHARMA kyun rahi ho’ before setting situation to rape the ‘Gori’.

Well I think I am safe, and you wont be seeing me in any protest…I am trivedi… how can some one use it in some wrong way…thank you daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s….the first trivedi.


2 Responses to “Billu sans barber…”

  1. Sameer Thukral February 9, 2009 at 11:45 pm #

    ab trivedi ka use dhundoo!

  2. Mike March 1, 2009 at 1:37 pm #

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