We are Humans

20 Mar

so heightened are our egos,

So grownup we are, so nimble are our views.

We see ourself in every mirror, where ever we go.

So we are humans and this is no news.

Last time we said thanks was in Carthage,

Leave alone love, we are stooping to new lows.

We want to touch sun, with every passing day,

On perch I see increased number of crows.

We think, keep on the same path,

We live and let others not.

So, what, we are humans,

a supercast.


One Response to “We are Humans”

  1. sameer thukral March 22, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    kya baat hai…

    a very true portrayal of our so called supremacy and our thoughts about it!

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