Rape Theory

22 Mar

Ok, all you fellows, you feel you people are intelligent and collectively know all the possible theories, you were never so wrong as you are today, because there is one theory you never paid attention to, one theory which was there since the advent of any media, or mode of entertainment. Ah…yes this is one theory having its roots in media and communication but its effects pertain to wide array of subjects, only bound by your own imaginations.


What is rape theory?

Yes, rape is that same RAPE, and there is no other meaning tried to  put forth in this piece. If we have paid enough attention to media and happenings around, then we know what a rape is. Well lets put it lightly, its a gratuitous sexual act done by some person on another person, now once we are clear with what RAPE is, then lets look into bones of RAPE THEORY.

Well, here by RAPE THEORY we are o(ooooooo)nly trying to convey the basic fundamentals of including a RAPE scene in any form on communication. Here due to the sensitivity associated with the word we are avoiding one to one communication cases associated with RAPE as they are to be spoken about by more intelligent people with no or little brain.

RAPE THEORY states that, if you want to aggrandize a less intense situation and portray the weaknesses of weaker sex, and strength of not so strong sex, then you place a scene of RAPE into your mode of communication, and  in this way dive away from any intelligent solution to move ahead with the story.

Rape scenes in particular to Indian Film Industry have been used with great aplomb by various artistes with no art in their veins.  Ranjeet by all measures was and will remain the master of doing an onscreen rape. Going into anatomical details of a rape scene would be too tough on me, so I wont be doing so. Instead I will deal it emotionally. I have postulated few points regarding rape theory, and they are as follows:

1. Need of a close place, and if place is open then it must be done in full public view. There is no mid way, like few people passing by a rape. Thats just not possible in Indian films.

2. Presence of Hero: If hero is present then he must be tied down. Now there are two cases associated with the presence of hero, either his sister is being raped or his love interest. Chances of saving sister are not high, well for the sake of story and the BADLA, sisters, who should have been saved arent saved. Whereas love interest being raped induces herculean powers in hero. Thats how story is moving.

3. Rapist: Well rapist never does it with sorrow, they have all the reasons to rape, well foremost, its the director. One thing which is very special to Indian Films, rapes are to be done in savage manner, rapist drool like a bull dog, and smile like a mad chimp. They always do so. Now if rapist is doing a rape our of some preconceived agenda, then he would but obviously do it with vengeance. Well one more thing which is quite typical to indian films is, shredding of clothes. Firstly there are too many clothes (thanks to mahabharat inspiration), I in my all these years have never seen a scantly girl being raped onscreen, it never happens that way, scanty dressing may lead to lecherous view from wolfic humans, but never a rape. Because for a rape scene to last, to let hero have enough time, heroine must wear full clothes. Then more typical is flying of clothes, that too in slow motion. Last but not the least, indian filmi rapist, licks his lips in a bovine way, and then POCHO-FY them as if he has just drank a cold drink.

What else…am I missing something…well I ought to…

Rape scenes have been an integral part of Indian Films, one of the egregious crimes is proffered so freely that now it really does not make any sense. They are portrayed in such a ludicrous manner that, one sensible person can start having pain anywhere in cerebral sphere. On to that, most of the times there is no need, there is no social message involved, and what it is only delineating is need to tantalize hidden desire of this countries masculine workforce. WTF. I agree that showing hero smoking isnt promoting cigarette, so in the same way, showing a rape scene isnt promoting rape. But in some way, subconsciously it does play its game not in sane mine but surely in insane mind. I am not psychology wizard, so my words wont be that of BHRAMA, but a mind already on verge of being anti-social may just get totally pushed to follow this condemnable act. I know, that this is laughable in its own right, and as a person with inclination towards media, i am firm supporter of creative freedom, but there is one very thing line for creative freedom and overt use of a plot already gone wrong. India by all its virtuous degrees is a nation with very high number of rape cases, and that to in its own right, in a pandemic fashion.

Will not showing rape on screen, in any form of media, stop rapes in real life?

I dont know.

I have no solution for sexual violence, this topic is so cavernous, so dark that, it sucks away all the limited mental light I have.

One thing I surely know, that there are various ways, in which we can do away with a rape scene in most of the indian films. Lets deal this topic more sensitively, and let it be a scene just to show some male chauvinism, which I doubt Indian males have (though being a one, myself – they in most of the grey cases are least bothered about females around). Rape is crime. If any film maker wants to portray it, then do it likewise, and not in any other way. Let it not be a tantalizing tool, its just so pathetic to see a rape scene after rape scene in numerous indian movies. I am fed up, so should you…if not for a safer nation for females then just for watching better movies.


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