Great online dilemma.

13 Apr

I like to be online, and remaining connected to this world. Sometimes it takes too much of my time, replying few mails, or by getting involved into chats. But, there are few things which have really made me think, why are other people online. I am online because I want to be plugged. But what are other online when they do not want to be disturbed, when they do not feel like replying to your pings. Being online is in many ways same to asking others to interfere in privacy, if you can call it privacy. Then, when I read something like this, ‘Please do not disturb me, i am really busy’, I can not comprehend its true meaning. If you are really that busy then why are you online. And if you arent that busy then why have you written something so explicitly. People can certainly argue that, being online or offline is someone’s prerogative and I have no right to interfere if once asked to not to do so. I agree. But still the question remains. You shouldnt be online if you are that busy or else you must be busy with someone else, and if you are busy with someone else then how does it matter if someone pings you and say ‘hi’, you can always say that, you are busy chatting with someone else. I see no point in explicitly telling in your status message that you are so busy that you can not chat with anyone…Hell…then you shouldnt be online. As I have already mentioned that its everyones personal prerogative, and I have nothing to do with it, I can only say that please feel free to mention the nature of your busyness.


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