Trivia of Time

14 Apr

What is time? I am no Stephen Hawking to answer this question. But I can surely entangle this conundrum further by raising few questions. After all, only a perfect question can lead to a perfect answer.

Cutting the crap, I will straight come to the question which has precipitated me to write this article, when otherwise I would have been studying something else.

Suppose that You, or I get a metaphysical power, power to stop anything and everything. We think of stopping something and it will stop, it can be anything, you name it and it will have to stop. Not comes the problem, there is one thing you can not stop…TIME and GOD, but from whom so ever you got this power, you bargained this deal smartly and asked that, God shouldn’t interfere when you use your power. Now my question is, should you, or I be unhappy of one thing which we cannot stop, i.e., time. Or its shouldn’t matter to us.

If question isnt clear, then allow me to reframe it in different way. If you stop everything but not time, will time stop automatically or will it continue with its pace?

I am presuming that none of us is taking time as some entity residing in watches and clocks, I am also assuming that we are in credence with the space-time definition of time, and can dispense with the idea that time is something like a flowing river. Well, I could never complete comprehend this space-time definition but was in cohorts of those who doesnt agree with the other idea (flowing river). From what I understand is that space-time definition in some way points out to temporal change in things with respect to time. Like our dimensional change during our life time. Time is like that continuous string which joins all the spacial developments. If there wouldnt have been something like time, then I couldnt have been what I was at my birth, which was essentially me (in essence). If there wouldnt have been any continuity like time, then there wouldnt have been any linkage between me (now) and me (at birth). Since we know there is time, so we can pin point out at the events relating to the birth of this universe and further events after the birth of this universe. Thats how, I perceive time, and many others also perceive it in same way.

Now lets revert back to my original question, of stopping everything.

Lets look time with respect to its distance speed form:

Time = Change in Distance/Speed

now suppose we stop every human form, change in distance or displacement suddenly becomes zero, but on the same time, speed also becomes zero. But we can still say that time is moving, as there are many things which we can take as reference. Now lets stop things one by one, all the other life forms, winds, water flow, movement of planets, movements of other terrestrial bodies, all the associated processes of all the things which we have stopped, and all other things which I have missed. NOW let me clarify one more thing, if I am stopping sun from rotating, then I am also stopping the physical process going inside sun, thus sun wont be producing any more light, but things wont go dark, as I have stopped light as well. This means that the light which has reached earth will remain there, every photon stable at its place. This in itself is against the laws of physics (uncertainty principle), but hey…I have got a super power. Now, what about time. Has time also stopped?

Biggest problem with time is that we do not know the reference point, and unluckily we cannot have any reference point either, as producing a reference time frame will lead to take another reference time frame for the first reference frame, thus leading to infinite reference time frames.

We have to really put time independent of everything, to crusade our way out of this mystery. But as soon as we put time independent of everything, there is one big problem, there occurs no temporal change when we have stopped everything but time, there thus occurs a gap in tangibility, that is, space doesnt alter a bit, but time has continued to move on. Now we wont have one to one relationship between space and time. There are thus infinite instances of time, which corresponds to a single spacial location, and then there are infinite such locations as we have stopped everything.

This shouldnt matter to those whom either you or I have stopped…now suppose that after having enough fun (well what fun, if everything was stopped, then we were also supposedly stopped) we bring everything back to life. Time by this time has moved ahead, so are we younger or older or are we of same age? NOW should we wind our clocks to different time, which is real time, or should we not bother it, or should only scientists bother about it, for mere mortals like us, for whom time is very much in relation to sunlight it wont matter much as sun rays also stopped. Should even scientists should also worry, because whatever they are understanding are pertaining to physical world, and since we stopped everything, there would be no change after that STOP. This can offshoot to another ‘MATRIX’ian problem…are we already in stop? If it doesnt matter to us, then how can we no that we are coming out from a STOP or might be just entering into one. Well see…according to this postulation, if you are reading this, and at the very moment when your eyes reaches a forthcoming hyphen, everything stops – and now if I say that I let this STOP remain for 5 hours, you cannot refute my claim. Now if I state that I do this daily after every hour, using my power of ultimate STOP, then Yes I am right.

Are you losing something important?

What if, I in someway figure out that it’s not necessary for me to be stopped, and in a way it is good, as TIME would have something to precipitate its offset on, will this kind of STOP affect you or me in some particular way? I would surely grow older but not you, but you wouldnt have gone younger, its just that you will have a reference point…or will it be anything different?

Have fun with your new found superpower? STOP.


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