Riska. Whats that?

8 Jun

Whats Riska…?
When I discovered it, the first thought which came to my mind is why wasnt it discovered before. I had no answer, then from that time I feel its my responsibility to tell everyone about the one thing which is as omnipresence as God and equally omnipotent.
To clarify, Riska is feminine and possess all the feminine power of creation and continuation. Most of us, evidently with our daily fears and acts, are cognizant of something similar, a talked upon one, Risk. We have heard it numerous times about the importance and unimportance of risk, so i find no point explaining about risk, but I would delve in the essence of Riska.
Riska is mother of Risk. Risk is like immaculate conception, Risk is the fatherless thing. And I dont know about the parents of Riska, and I dont think knowing about them is important at this juncture. We have taken risk in our lives, numerous times, sometimes it goes nice and sometimes it doesnt. But in case of Riska which is more metaphysical in nature, things can only go right, but finding Riska is tough since its not physical.
Defining Riska is tough, like finding it is. But loosely we can say that when you know that there is something, like a target which is too farfetched and is the most appropriate option not just for you but even for people around you and its appropriateness is beyond doubt on this when you decide to launch yourself into that target’s direction, ignorant of traps in your path then you have certainly found the Riska of your life. Something like MK Gandhi found in SA. He found his Riska and he went for it.
Once on the path of Riska, you lose your reverse gear and if you stop in between, then you go in mortal trap, but following the path of Riska, you reach immortality.
How do you know whats your Riska?
That sound comes from within and it comes from everywhere, probably something like sounds which Siddhartha heard before commencing towards the path of becoming Budhha. Its the sound which urges you to change, not only you but the world around you. Once on the path of Riska, it provides you the power in a sublime manner, it wont let you fall, it wont let you sway, but you need to believe in Riska.
There is much to right about Riska, but presently I am at risk of messing up with my semester examinations…Will come back and write more about Riska, and about how I am in search of my very own Riska, something which I can love all my life.


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