Rain dont come again.

23 Jul

In the morning din and among clamor of clouds,

Honing my pensive strength, wishing for more,

I look above, with hope, with preoccupied whims,

I look above and let them fall,

Fall on my face, one by one, again and again.

Alone I stand, waiting for more,

More to accompany, to repent in pain,

I hear it all, voices converting into noises,

I hear above all the hymn of nature,

Resonating inside, note by note, again and again.

Like a newborn pod, among old trees,

With jest and pride, lo I glide.

I feel it inside, the need to rectify,

I feel it, even when I feel nothing,

Searing inside, paining, drenching, again and again.

Everyone cried like they were part of jejune clan,

Days were passed forgetting their crimes in vain,

I ask for atonement, but where are others now

I ask to her, sorry but sure, out of worry and care,

For better lesson, cringing and cloying, rain don’t come again.


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