What should I write after four years?

10 Jun

After removing some cobwebs from this blog and cleaning some dust, its time to begin once again. To be honest, as I have always been on this blog, I first thought of writing something intelligent and something really emotional, very much like a departing note for all my friends. But then I found myself incompetent to portray those emotions, as much as I am to portray them personally. So I threw that idea out of my window. Then I thought of writing some rant, which I am pretty good at, but then that wouldnt have sounded appropriate as this juncture.

People are moving out, they are going to their home towns. Few are moving to their next educational destinations. Congratulations to them for successfully (touch wood) completing their engineering and then selecting a wonderful career path. Few friends will be joining few of the best MBA programs of country, many would be joining best corporate houses, some would be hopping to odd branches for their next flight. Once again, this all makes me happy. Because after 10 years down the line, there can be no better pleasure than seeing your old mate in a position wherein he or she is making a difference to the society.

We might have loved it or not…we might have crawled through or hopped through our course, but we reached to our destinations. And now, after great contemplation (almost a night; as I stopped writing after first paragraph), I am more than sure that I have nothing to write after four years.

Yes, all these four years of engineering were eventful in their own terms. I certainly met few of the best people I have ever came in contact with. Many of them were and are extremely intelligent, creative and nice human beings. Still I find myself unable to write about them. And these four years seem nothing but fleck of time on the time line.

But I am terrible in saying goodbyes, as I am a hope-star, I hope that we all will remain in contact.

C’est La Vie.

So this post is for nothing but say thanks to all those who made my four years wonderful in their own ways.

Best of luck for your future…

And yeah… some big announcements are on their way from my side…and yes, I will post few more things in time to come.


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