When love beckons a fight…

12 Jun

If I say that one of my friend is in love, seriously in love and wishes to marry her. This all may sound too obvious. But there is still one thing which makes me wonder; whats the value of a fancy marriage proposal without a ring? But then every other Bob is in love with someone or other and already bubbling to express it in some form or the other. I have no problem with any of it. More than this, I am pretty sure that my problems wont matter either. Love is something, which we as humans have got from Papa Apes who got it from their Papa Primates and it goes back and further back.

What is love? You dont need to be an expert to find it out, you just have to have beautiful girl who is sane and ready to devoter herself for you. Oops…I think I just asked everything. Let me tone it down; but to tone that, in most of the practical cases, I need to break down the sentence into two parts,

a. You need to find a girl who is ready to devote herself for you.

b. You need to find a beautiful girl.

Well both the above statements are quite sexist, and I have my apologies for my readers of fairer sex. I know you are nor like this, but then that girl in your class, that girl at your working place is exactly like this, and you know it. Dont smirk, I am not asking her name but already know her and her traits.

Once a girl is ready to fall in line, fall for you after your hefty presentation, there sometimes happen a paradigm change, she stops looking beautiful as she is now devoting herself to you rather than to her beauty maintenance regime. And when you strictly stopped paying attention to a girl who was devoting to you and you made it clear, then within weeks of doing so, that girl start looking beautiful and reason is opposite to one stated in previous line.

It is all quite interesting, isnt it? Well I bet, only a person like me, who have wonderful lady friends and still single can really enjoy this post, or in other words can be as wise as to appreciate what I am writing. To all the others, it is nothing but representation of waster body and wasted mind. Being an ardent follower of history, religion and love for past 15-20 years (ie. most of my life) I know two things, 1. Person not in love will sound like an idiot to one who is in love and vice a vis. 2. Love beckons fight, one way or other. These two things doesnt mean that I learned only these two things after spending 15-20 years of my love for history, religion and love, but they are two main things when it comes history, religion and love.

This post wont be plain outreach of my feelings but would be one with some solutions. And now I start with the main thing which I intended to write from the start.

Love as I said, always beckons fight. may sound troublesome to many and many might feel it as my fetid outpouring. But then they are almost true everytime. Just as warning, this certainly does not mean that we should stop loving, all it means is that we should continue loving, why do I say so…find it at the end of the post.

Going back to beautiful-devoted girl dichotomy, when a friend of mine fell for a beautiful friend and later decided to go for a fanciful proposal (obviously without ring) then only thing that stuck me was, ‘bloody hell when is that fight going to come’. And then on one fine morning I found that this girl is double timing…

For most of the history most of the major wars were fought for ladies, yeah, I know you will point out towards first world war and second world war, but then believe me, like in every sunk ship there is a treasure, there is always a woman as a reason for fight, and if there is none so obvious, you can always frame some. But love has always beckoned fight at local level. Between dogs, between apes, between males of all the species. Very much like right of property the right of progeny leads to fight. Now all of you can have a theory for such fights and I wont say anyones theory is wrong, and the matter of fact is that this is one thing where everyone is right, untill everyone agrees that love will lead to fight, either for it or after it.

Now comes the solution part:

What should you do when you are in a ‘face-off’ type condition with the other contender for the right of progeny?

Here is a plain simple answer…

CALL THE GIRL. Give GIRL a CALL. Postpone the fight if you are not able to contact the Girl.

Your contender may throw lot of verbal shit at you, do not be bothered because this action will not only save you, but may save your contender, may bring international peace in long run if not immediately.

What to say when you call a girl?

Ask her… Should I fight this Anti-Bob (just because you are Bob in this case) or not, who says he is in love with you and he wants me out of your way?

Now comes the most important part… look for the type of her answer, there can be three following types:

a. Get the hell out of there. You have no business there. You idiot. Please go, do not fight.

Now, based on what type of girl she is, the tone and content may vary but the crux should remain same. And if she is sounding anything like what I have written. Its totally your choice to fight or not to fight, and even if you lose by ending in a hospital, believe me, you have won a war. Now that girl should by most probable case is in love with you and all that concerned her was your safety. If you decided not to fight, she may say, ‘good you listened to me’ and if you do not and then when she comes to see you in hospital ‘her angry tears will be like pain killer for you’. Victory in this case is not important.

b. Second type of answer can be, ‘Just get that bastard out of your way, go tiger go or just beat him up’ or something like that.

Well in this case, the girl is too distressed from all that is happening and more so with that other boy and wants you to eliminate that filthy leech from the face of the earth. Yeah, it sounds flimsy, but then it is possible. What should you do…well you just heard it. FIGHT. Yeah, Fight to win. But then again no need to worry about end result. The girl may not be in true love with you but she is definitely not going Anti-Bob’s side.

c. Umm hmm..no..why…hmm umm…

If you are hearing this kind of stuff from the other side, i.e. from the girls side, and this type always comes with some delay. Then, you should think of avoiding any kind of fight. Whether it was battle of Troy, Ramayana or Mahabharat (Religion/Epic/Hisotry) all were fought for women in some way or other. You need not fall in ‘Troy Trap’, escape, find a better plan, find what does girl really think. Even it means saying to that guy that ‘yes I will move out of your way’ just say it and go away. By saying so you havent signed any legal document, you can always remain steadfast on your path. But that Umm..Hmmm… and etc that what you need to worry about. Boy, this is the time to set your priorities, to meddle with Beautiful-Devoted dichotomy. That would certainly be not the time to fight bare chest showing your masculinity and all those related feelings.

I know, if are already in a ‘Troy Trap’, you can shower some shallow chauvinistic morals, of which I know all, but I also know that they may win you a war, but battle would eventually be lost, and boy this is why this is called as ‘Troy Trap’.

Lets say you are finally married, to your loved one… go to any bookstore as soon as possible and pick a good book on how to live a happy married life, because you know nothing about it, and yes there after marriage is a FIGHT waiting for you, which you will never win and always fight. One which you signed for, one which you signed to loose. That is why love beckons a fight.


2 Responses to “When love beckons a fight…”

  1. Shivam Chaturvedi June 12, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    Really liked this article. Highly optimistic ‘solutions’ !

  2. kriti June 12, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    Really impresses by the options 🙂

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