So, I Move.

4 Aug

A new post, after long time. This post marks an end as well as a beginning. Life is very much like Da Vinci’s sfumato paintings, where two different shades do not have a clear marking between them and colors fuse with each other. Life like it does not have any clear demarkation between any two phases of life. C’est La Vie.

This post is strictly for those who already know me, as it would make sense to them only.

So it begins like this…

Among the greatest things which are found among us the existence of ‘nothing’ is greatest and among the greatest we can create, our ‘dreams’ are greatest. There is nothing better than trying to fill nothing with a dream and there is nothing so difficult. Questioning is a basic nature of human being, and it is personally my favorite thing. I have always believed that, success isn’t created by finding the best solution, but is found by asking the best question. Such moments do not come often, and most of the time we just have to strive to create an environment for such moments.

It is awesomely interesting, that how our lives are intertwined with each other and yet so different and disparate. How much we all think alike and still have approaches that are widely distant. We all were together at some point of time in our lives, not just because we were thrown in same pot (i.e. college, school, some convention etc) but because we were very much like each other. I have long felt that man is what his choices are, choices one makes lead to what he becomes. And I chose to be your friend and you chose to be mine. But then in themselves choices arent good or bad, and they are just plain decisions. It eventually zeroes on what we want to make of our choices. At different points in life, we are suppose to take some decisions, among them career will rank among top five any day for anybody.

I have decided to move my base to US for next two years, for the purpose of getting a masters degree from US. I have opted for Masters in Public Affairs from Indiana University, Bloomington. For the very same reason that I got to know my friends, for the similarity which I share in some respect or other with them, I firmly believe that this choice wont sound as crazy to them as it might to others who just know me. To know more about the course, university and place where I am going, I would suggest you to google or wiki it. From my side I can surely tell you that I am excited about what is about to come in next – newer set of challenges and great experience.

So, the 4 Years…

One of the finest and brightest 4 years of my life. Undergraduate life is surely exciting and worth remembering. I wont compare it with school life because nature and temperament of both are different. I can satisfactorily say that I made some great friends in these 4 years. I was privileged enough to study in a wonderful institution, where there were distinct type of challenges, some of them being very typical. These challenges amounted to equally large number of learning opportunities. I studied in a branch which I liked to my core and under teachers who were not just good in teaching but kind and lovable.

I never thought it at the beginning of these 4 years that I would be feeling nostalgic about my engineering college, the way I am feeling right now. Truth is and will always be that there is now a bond between UIT and me, and this is probably what it was meant to be. 4 Years of engineering has left me more excited than I was before joining engineering. To sum up I can say that once an UITian is always an UITian. UIT-RGPV may not currently sound like IITs or NITs but if we as student keep on doing great things, then sooner or later it will sound like them or may sound much better to every ear.

So, what lies ahead…

I am not a person who plan too much in advance. I only envision future. I believe in planing for the day and living that day in the most efficient manner. So, what lies ahead is something that I cannot paint right now. I will let chickens rest in their eggs. It is always exciting to see brilliant things panning out in front of you on daily basis. My experience say that if you are doing your daily job in right manner with a vision of future in mind, then eventual painting comes out nice and beautiful, those chicken hatch out healthy.

So, things will change…

Things will surely change. There will be difference in time zone. From +5:30, I will be moving to -5:00. From tropical to temperate. Latitude and longitude will also change. We will soon be finding each other online at odd hours. But one thing will probably not change… a green dot…before my name…

Change is inevitable, and if you prepare nicely change is enjoyable. We have prepared hard by being online for long hours, in months and years to come we will be reaping benefit of being plugged. In years to come we will see, we will feel that world has really gone flat, shrunk and even with 10hour time lag we are with each other as much as we were before.

Stay Green. 🙂


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