Things I have to learn…

29 Aug

Within first two weeks of my stay in US, I have realized that there are few things I am just not good at. These things have nothing to do with my intrinsic congenital abilities but more with my lack of exposure. There is no severe handicap associated with any of these things but they certainly make me uncomfortable, and I certainly do not like to be in any uncomfortable condition.

1. I still walk on left side of road. Things have certainly improved since past 15 or so days, but even now I find myself walking on the left side of road and realize it only when a car zooms in with great speed. Just to placate your fears… I am improving.

2. Drinking water from water fountains. I am just not good at it, and I do not know whether I am improving at it or not. Firstly drinking directly from water fountain to me looks like a wasteful method, where you tend to waste half of the water gushing out. Keeping plastic cups wont be a green way to solve this problem, and then other people are good at it. They waste less water and they do not make ‘Surrrrpppp…’ sound while drinking it. But I have decided to carry a water bottle with me, which I will be refilling at water fountains, thus wasting lot less water and giving no chance for that ‘Surrrppp’ sound to bring shame upon my name.

3. American football, Baseball and Basketball are three games that make people crazy like cricket and football do to Indians. Unfortunately for me, I dont have any special liking for any of these games and people here do talk a lot about it. So being left out like an alien in gaming conversations does make me feel odd and leaves my tongue without any exercise. Now I have decided that I will definitely learn one of these three games (theoretically) in coming few weeks.

4. Get hold of lingo… yeah this is important. Colloquial phrases are important things to learn, and I am in process of grasping them as and when they fall on my ears. It will certainly take some time but I am sure I will do good job at it.

5. Manage my time. Does this need any explanation?

All the above mentioned things will take some time and might lead to some innovations at personal level. From my experience garnered till now, one thing that I am very sure of is, such small challenges, which you take at personal level makes life tangy and fun. Sometimes fun lies in getting frustrated. So be it…


One Response to “Things I have to learn…”

  1. kriti trivedi September 10, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    ya even i used to carry a water bottle with me fr drinking and what about the newspaper dont u miss the full size newspapers 🙂

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