With love from US.

29 Aug

This is my first post from my new location. Last two weeks have been hectic and fun. First, I would like to offer my thanks to friends who have been in contact all this time while for most of these two weeks I was sort of, off radar. For last four years, I was plugged almost 24X7, and that was something which I enjoyed, so being off radar was something I was loathing. I am still few days away from getting a cell phone but I now have internet at my place and also in university (and its is awesome).
For those who due to their busy schedule were not ‘Green’ and could not follow my sporadic update, I would like to straight away answer few possible question which might come to you (if they havent).
Question 1: Hows the place?
As narcissist as I am, I would start the answer from my perspective only, and with my high dramatic quotient, answer can only be dramatic.
Answer 1: I am eternally in love, and many of you already know that. I was in love with India, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal… so there is no other way for me. This is a lovely place, in a wonderful country. Quintessentially a university town, nearly whole economy of town revolves around students. And this reminds me of Kota. Another thing that made me fall in love with this town and university in particular is its wonderful architecture. More on its architecture style will only come later and with photographs.
Question 2: What are you eating?
Answer 2: Believe me, being veggie is not a crime, and since its not a crime, you will find food for you. I have been cooking at my home here, looking out for any free food opportunity which were in plenty for past two weeks. So, I wasnt deprived of food. But yes one thing that astounds me is how they offer sandwiches for lunch. This makes me go bonkers. SANDWICHES for lunch! Thus lunch becomes the time which reminds me of home the most.
Question 3: Padhai? Studies?
Answer 3: Yeah, I know I am here for studies. And they will begin from next week. So studies begins from september. More on it will only come later.
Question 4: How does it feel to be an international student?
Answer 4: Oh! Thats fantastic. You get attention like an okapi would get among herd of zebras. And since okapi is an endangered species, people are more forthcoming and nice.
Question 5: What next?
Answer 5: What the heck! What do you expect from me…There are only somethings out of so many things that I can do. I would try my best to have most exciting 2 years of my life, and thats what I can say right now.

There is only this much that I can write for now… you can surely wait for more, because there will always be more to come.


One Response to “With love from US.”

  1. arush September 4, 2010 at 12:49 am #

    u only fall in love with places, things! how about taking your next chance with a human and that too a female……………

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