Where wind takes us…Raaton Ke Bashinde…

26 Sep

My stay as student in Bhopal now officially ends. Those thread ends that still made me live in Bhopal as student are now all gone. Wind is taking them to their destinations, and they will surely do good in their worlds.

I am listening ‘Rabba Sacheya’ by Atif Aslam and all those days when I was part of jamming sessions (if we can call them so) with Arun, Gaurav or Sagar (@Sagar: Boy you are still our manager 😉 ) and those recording sessions… they all are flashing in front of me and I am getting nostalgic. Being a pathetic singer as I am and still one who loves to sing, those were the moments which I enjoyed most. Creating songs on the go…butt slapping…swearing…and living live in most decent and fullest sense 🙂

And who were we… Raaton ke Bashinde…

Everyone is moving on…and I can realize this more explicitly when I am looking at everyone from distance. Few are moving not just in terms of their location but they are moving to newer planes at personal level. Wonderful thing which life is, one does not realize its motions when one is living it. One realizes it pace, its dynamics when one has lived that part of his life.

For now… till the time we will have nights…we will have Raaton ke Bashinde…


2 Responses to “Where wind takes us…Raaton Ke Bashinde…”

  1. gaurav September 26, 2010 at 3:17 pm #

    kabhi to bhopal aaega ,,,,,,apan fir record karenge.
    hum us aaye to bhi karenge.

  2. kriti September 28, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    Well tht seems like a RJ before his songs well yes ur “rato ke bashinde is legendary ;)” but u remember the one me and mani still hummm ” Humm hum apke liye …”
    still u have 6 more 2 go guys !!! make plans fast 😀

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