8pm and 12pm

6 Feb

There are plenty of things that are going right now. There are too many projects that are to be completed. There are few assignments that are to be written. Then there has to be some time that has to be spent on myself…exercising [for curing sciatica]. Then there is whole northern africa that needs me to write something and add on to e-waste (not that these issues are not important, but I have still some reservations regarding the efficacy of social networking tools when it comes to such issues). Another thing that in more than few ways forcing the writer within me to write is that I am learning new stuff, talking more about the stuff.

This post is indeed not about the stuff (public affairs and related writings) but its about me.

This is about two of my instincts… The 8pm and the 12 pm instinct.

12 pm instinct: Well thats the famous one. Those who have ever spent their time chatting or talking with me around 12 pm, know that my creativity (euphemism) peaks around this time. And my brain works at overdrive.

8pm instinct: After 8pm in evening, I start developing a strong urge to head back home. Its not that I am not loving the company I would be in during that time. Its just like a mental switch that switches on after 8. This is good in many ways and bad in few. So, I have been having a love hate relationship with this feeling.

So… this is it, more will be written about other things in time to come. Till then… you can keep on re-reading this post.


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