CBA framework for total sanitation campaign

28 Apr

Sanitation is really a troublesome problem in India and other developing countries. Being a public good and so essential for development, a CBA cannot act as decisive agent in informing policy to have more latrines or not, hence we didnt attempt that. In this framework we wanted to develop a mechanism through which most efficient mix of community latrines and individual household latrines can be found. In case of latrines, more is always merrier, but for situations where acceptance is still low, I would prefer getting the most efficient number of latrines of either type as first priority rather than trying to motivate every individual. Social communication via examples leads to better results, and having critical number of latrines for that to happen is important.

This presentation was arranged as per 7 minute time limit on presentation, thus wont be much informative in itself, but it can definitely inspire you to ask question which you should do by commenting on this post.


One Response to “CBA framework for total sanitation campaign”

  1. kriti trivedi May 6, 2011 at 11:51 am #

    why it is only diarrhea you are talking about there are lot more diseases which could be saved by TSC.
    leucorrhoea and other infections in the process i beleive that statics would give more waightage to your point

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