TRiNO – Solution to water quality crisis.

28 Apr

This Post is in light of recently gone International Earth Day.

I along with my friend envisioned this system, which I (naming master) named TRiNO (lower case I is just for styling purpose) some time in 2009 fall of 2008. Here in 2011, after spending 2 semesters, studying public affairs, I more than ever think that this was one of the best idea I ever came up with. This of all my research projects in undergraduate years, certainly holds lot of promise and  needs more backing (personal and market) and more support so that it can be developed into a full fledged model. People may argue that this may not be the cheapest solution but this as a concept is much better than various other solutions. To know more about TRiNO, you can go through the slides posted below.

Well, success of TRiNO does not lie in its filtering capacity, but in its low maintenance, self sustainable methodology, and age old inspiration of ‘Bawari’ – public source of drinking water in Rajasthan and Gujrat (two typically arid states of India). This can prove as an awesome tool for drinking water management, in various settings and can be plugged with a smart-card system for efficient delivery.

One may argue against my over reliance on technology, and initial starting cost associated with TRiNO. As a counter argument I will only say that we would be fools to not to utilize technology if its already available.

Since this is a concept, I am more than happy to take all kind of suggestions.

Story Behind this post – After losing in a technological presentation competition with this concept, I promised my team mate that I will surely take this ahead and solve water crisis. And after recently gone International Earth Day, I somehow remembered my promise… GodSpeed.


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