Design culture and development

7 May

In process of catching a passing thought, it struck me how design cultures inform about economic and social development. There can be some direct relationship that can be established because design is such a broad field and so is development. So mapping between these two columns will not be tough. Architectural design of all provides one of the most obvious link. More ornate, more complex the architectural forms are more the country/place/locality is developed. Reasons for this link is very obvious and can be traced to available factors of production, say capital, labor and natural resources. But design culture is more than this. Design though being broad in its purview mirrors innovation in simplest manner. There one line of thought could be how innovation in society informs economic of social development.

What I want to do at is not to look at any design that requires additional factor of production, lets say a mobile phone…there is almost no difference between a HTC touch phone and Apple iPhone, they are all most same, but they in their own way informs users or a third party observer about development.

Let us again look at something where we can reduce the variation in factors of production and thing that is still related to design, and the best example that comes to me is websites. Does design of websites inform us about economic condition, social conditions of society. Does any of these factors percolate into design process, how and how much…

We can theorize some reasons, but I will still like to investigate further into this matter.


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