Leveraging You and Me

11 May

On starters, I never understood web1.0, web2.0 and I am sure I will not understand webX.0 in time to come. With this I never understood transition from one version to another. But I do know that there are waves (not the google one) but like stream of thoughts that flow from time to time on internet. Another thing that I am sure of, is that internet is becoming more and more relevant by every passing day. I said this before, as an undergraduate from technology perspective, and now when I am in public affairs, there again I will say the same.

Whatever this web is called, web2.0 or web3.0, but what this web is doing is much better than what was ever done before. It is leveraging you, me and everyone. On this web, if you havent realized it by yourself, then you are following different roles, sometimes as a pure consumer, sometimes as pure producer, sometimes part of crowd or herd, sometimes as an activist, and most often you are there in intersection of two or more kinds mentioned above.

Sites, are becoming more engaging, and firms or website that is not leveraging this is out there sitting static and stagnant. The website that made me write this page is one WFPs mentioning 10 facts related to hunger. One thing that I noticed was that how it invite you to be an activist, by allowing you to tweet each individual point. Likewise you can share whole post also. There is a Facebook link, twitter link to follow and rudimentary RSS feed link. I posted it on my facebook page, and I am sure that at least 10 people will look at it.

Are governments listening to me…are governments watching the web… if they are then they should leverage us. They should minimize their footprint and use our footprints. This is not economical discussion on regulatory role to be played by government but this is pure efficiency. Solution is out there…allow people reach you, talk to them, there are new alternatives of engaging people in decision making and society has evolved from the times when Romans thought of democracy. This is the reason that my heart cringes when politicians harp on that voting is the time when public can vent their opinions in form of vote. My reply – Sorry Sir.

Dynamics of democracy is changing, and so should the system, so should the attitude.

Did somebody say – Most of the people do not have access to internet, so your thought isnt practically justified?

My Reply – Most of the people at one point of time thought that world is flat! So, is world flat? Internet is not there for most of the people because they cannot see the use, the day they see its use, it would be there. It truly is the time to leverage the power of public.

This post can be summarized as rant, but thats how Socrates started 😉


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