Transformers – Moon is not a moon

3 Jul

Michael Bay just out-thought Hollywood and was closest Hollywood ever came to Bollywood in imagination and only character I felt bad about – yeah Shia Labeuf.

Now, I never, almost never write film reviews because I think most of the movies are good and if movie is bad then they are not worth discussing about. So this one is not a review, this is just what this movie is (isnt that a review?)

Coming back to Transformer’s 3rd edition.

Michael bay just kept coming at you for 2 1/2 hours, first he came slowly, then more frequently…and by the time plot reaches to Chicago (not any other city and why Chicago?) and by the time things end in Chicago you want to visit Chicago to check if everything is alright over there or not.

That actress… she does such a wonderful thing… mind blowing different that she just outshines every other character in the movie. I wont tell what she did, but the way she talked through Megatron. It was just mind blowing stuff which could have been only pulled off by director like…yes you guessed it right Michael Bay who never kept a single figment of robotic imagination at bay.

Unimaginable robotic warfare, and every robotic character got due credit and role and footage and mileage at the cost of humans. Well you got to give something to be saved. Michael Bay just continued his imagination to the extend where Newton (yes the scientist guy) will feel why he wasnt brain raped before he came up with the gravity equation. But then, this is something we should be ready to accept for saving a world from Meredith Grey’s husband who is annoyed for God knows what, and he wont even become President of US.

Only character, where I think Michael Bay, faltered a bit was that of Sentinel Prime whose beard it seems was inspired from Jack Sparrow’s beard.

Movie had no story, but had a soul. I think critics who harp about lack of story are just trying to be intelligent and know nothing about movie making (that is why they are not directors – dont you dare talk about division of labor concept).  If you have a kid living inside you, and you ever loved toys, figurines then you will live this movie through the eyes of Michael Bay. He had his last shot, he lived it large (read – long). Go out there in the best theatre out there in your town, watch Transformers 3 and if you are Indian in India then shout your heard out, Indian in US, through few punches in air (though be quiet), American in US then just giggle and keep your claps for last minute and credits, and finally an American in India – Hey what are you doing there?

Meanwhile, I liked it because it was imaginative and robogasmic.

One last thing, if there would have been a Gandhi character in Transformer’s movie – he would have transformed into… Bicycle.


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