‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and where are the werewolves?

8 Aug

Once again, just to tell, I left the job of movie critiquing before even joining it. Reason being, critiquing movies is for retards. I like almost every movie and can almost find a reason to puke on any movie. I used ‘almost’, just to save myself from any legal obligation whatsoever. Meanwhile this is second time I am writing about a movie in summer, last one was Transfromers 3. Though I watched Harry Potter (God knows what part it was) but didnt bothered myself to write about it. So a one line p’view on Harry Potter – It was suppose to end so they ended it and end never felt so better. Then I also watched Captain America, highest grossing super hero flick of the summer. Just before end credits started, I thought like, ‘Oh! Now the real movie will start…’, but then came end credits.

Now lets come to Cowboys and Aliens. First it is a sham name, it is Cowboys Indians and Aliens. Not the Indian as in IT Indians, but the Indians who were mistook as Indians. This movie left a strange feeling in me, and that is, I can make a movie that will be Cats and Aliens or Bears and Aliens and almost anything and aliens. But I must appreciate the director for presenting the most beautiful alien ever produced in known universe of filmmaking.

I think the laugh of me and my friend summarized the movie aptly at the end – the laugh was hiding a question, Why? Why this?

Closer dissection of ‘why?’ will reveal a unique conundrum of ‘why not anything else?’. Why didnt they pitch vampires against aliens, or werewolves against aliens or better, Chinese immigrants against Aliens? I dont know about the performance of this movie on the box office, but I want it to be successful so that I can see what all combinations I mentioned in coming years as a part of successful movie line.


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