We – A poem on current events in India

22 Aug

This poem is written not in favor of some group or against someone… its about what is happening. I see, people realizing their power, I see people fighting for their freedom, I see people uniting for a cause and I am writing for them. Social movements are not end in themselves, they are means of achieving something. This poem is therefore written in favor of social movement, that India is currently seeing.

आह्लाद है, प्रयाग है,
प्राण का आगाज़ है,
रुग्ण क्यूँ है गद्दियाँ, 
है जीत यह, विकास है.

स्वप्न है, दृश्य है,
उत्तरों का प्रश्न है,
भय ग्रस्त क्यूँ है हस्तियाँ,
है गण यह, सैलाब है.

मनुष्य है, दिव्य है,
राष्ट्र एक पथ पे है,
क्यूँ दंभ की है धारणा,
है स्वत्रंत यह, जीत है.

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